What we do

We offer a wide range of services from preparing a standard tax return to reorganising a corporate group.

We provide support for Accountants and Solicitors with a view to minimising the tax exposure on sales, reorganisations, disputes, divorce and other changes where tax becomes an issue. Click below for a guide of the work undertaken.

Property Tax Planning: Furnished Holiday Lets

Qualifying Furnished Holiday letting business attract valuable tax advantages when compared to standard Buy-to-let businesses.

Property Tax Planning: General

With the current rising property market there are many new landlords who need to decide how best to approach their new rental activity. We are well placed to assist with this planning and advise how best to structure any property business going forward.

Inheritance Tax Planning

We are well placed to provide a balanced, structured Inheritance Tax plan to meet a family’s needs on a long-term basis and to protect wealth down the generations.

Business Start-up Planning

Starting a business is usually one of the most important decisions that you can make. We are well placed to advise on all of the above taxation and legal requirements for your business and to give you guidance as to the best structure that suits your particular profile.

Family Investment Companies

A family investment company can be a very flexible vehicle for transferring value within the family and down generations. We can provide bespoke planning around a family investment company to maximise the available advantages.

Family Wealth Protection

Protecting wealth that has taken years to accumulate is a very important aspect of any family’s financial future. We will take the necessary time to understand the family unit and to suggest a manageable and flexible structure to ensure that wealth is maintained within the family in accordance with the client’s wishes.

Full Accounts and Tax Support

Whether you own a single let property or are running a trading company, we can provide you with guidance on how to maintain appropriate bookkeeping records so that you can access key information on a timely basis.

HMRC Enquiries

We are always pleased to offer a free initial consultation to see whether we can help resolve any problem with HMRC.

Support for Accountants

The work undertaken for accountants varies enormously, visit this page to see just a few things we can help with.